Video from last night’s Constitution show

That was fun! Thanks so much to Simon Yorkshire for putting this together. Last night’s performance live at the Constitution backing poet Gerry Mitchell with Andi Elliot (Bass), Mark Stone (flute) Gavan Kearney (acoustic guitar) Alex Monk (mixer/dubbing.) Come and catch Gavan and myself as a duo on 4th June at Vinyl Deptford.

Leigh Folk Festival and Summer shows


I have some shows coming up over the next couple of months to let you know about. I’m very much looking forward to playing some improv shows with friends and also playing at Leigh Folk festival for the first time.

This Saturday 14th May at Intox at The Constitution Camden, London: improv show with Andi Elliot (bass), Serenella Noseda (voice, shruti box) Mark Stone (flute and assorted instruments) and Alex Monk (guitar, voice, synth)

June 4th Intox, Vinyl Deptford improv show with Gavan Kearney AKA Sand Snowman

June 26th Leigh Folk festival with Serenella Noseda

Will be great to see you there if you can make it!


Free Free-Folk Show 25th November

I have a show with some great friends of mine on Wednesday 25th November with So Like Dorian and Sand Snowman & Moonswift.

The music starts at 8 pm and it’s free to get in. See below for more details:

Address and venue details:


So Like Dorian

Founded by songwriter Rasmus Steffensen, So Like Dorian is an open
project exploring crossroads between fragile folk balladry,
atmospheres and raw improvisations. Often involving various
co-players, So Like Dorian is a restless wanderer, sometimes gentle,
sometimes barking at the moon.

Listen to So like Dorian at

Sand Snowman & Moonswift

Psychedelic Folk with hints of Post-Punk Prog strangeness. The duo
have, in recent years, worked with Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree,
Storm Corrosion), Judy Dyble (Fairport Convention, Trader Horn) and
Bobbie Watson (Comus).

Alex Monk

Alex Monk draws on both the 60s and 70s acid folk movement as well as
ambient and electronic experiments. His first records were greatly
influenced by the instrumental and ambient style but at the time of
his release ‘The Safety Machine’ (2011 ) he moved more into a song
based and guitar dominated universe where the raw and improvised meets
the dreamy, trippy and ghostly. References to early Eno, Coil, Robert
Wyatt and Islaja have been made to Monk’s work and his latest release
is the concept piece ‘Fragments of lost rivers’.

New album: To the edge of your dreams – Selected works 2007​-​15

This latest album is a compilation drawn from largely electronic and instrumental works recorded at various London homes between 2007 & 2015. Tracks are mainly recorded using Casio SK-1, Novation Bass station, field recordings, samples and a little guitar. This is currently available on digital editions only but will be released by Reverb Worship in the Autumn on a strictly limited CD-R.