Re-release of 2008’s ‘Kit Mikayi’ on Reverb Worship

There is a re-release of the long sold out Kit Mikayi now available in a limited run on Reverb Worship  and also distro via Burning Shed.

‘The psychedelic stasis of “What Thou Lovest Well” achieves a lofty grandeur, while the electronically-enhanced fingerpicking of “Death Without Tears” opens up a connection to the visionary beauty of guitarist James Blackshaw. A frail vocal rises like a broken reed through the frozen mist of “Winter Meccanica”; it’s a glacial, incantatory conclusion.’

Chris Sharp, The Wire 2008


Fragments of a lost river

I was asked by artist John Holt to deliver a sound installation for his exhibition ‘Fragments of a lost river.’ The piece includes field recordings from the River Thames, River Lea and a river inside Phong Nha cave, Vietnam and vocals by Serenella Noseda. More information on the ‘Fragments of a lost river’ concept are detailed below including images by the artist.  The music and sound will be released after the exhibition featuring artwork by John. You can stream the full version now.

Fragments of a Lost River (H.). A recent  discovery of a series of detached fragments (sherds), from a lost river (H.). The classification and reconstruction of ancient and lost parts out of fragments (so called sherds) is an important aspect of archaeological research work.  Up to now this is a time consuming, inaccurate and subjective task which leads a multitude of unclassified fragments in hidden archives.


The fragments displayed here represent an important find in relation to the archaeological search for lost and stolen rivers (H.). I proposed a bottom up strategy to classify these fragments.  The profile section (which is a section of the fragment in the direction of fluid axis) is segmented into its primitives (with certain properties like length) and  relations among this primitive (like position and curvature of connecting points.). These primitives and the relations form a description language  in which different profiles have different  prescriptions and classified relationship to the original patterns of flow. Fragments are lost pieces of memory: shards of the history of a life and  a flow. We need to re-member the river of flow (H.), to use the river fragments to classify and make whole.


Fragments of a Lost River will be installed in the exhibition “Diverse Images” in the Up Country  Gallery, Holmfirth on The 30th June. Musician and composer “Alex Monk” has been commissioned to produce a piece of music entitled “Fragments of a Lost River” to accompany the installation.

John Holt. Feb 2014.

27.11. 13 You can buy now buy all releases in the shop below including strictly limited vinyl editions of ‘Indiscreet Mirror’ &  ‘The Safety Machine’ Previous 2 CDRs are now sold out but are still of course available as downloads and will be released on Reverb Worship


27.11. 13 You can buy now buy all releases in the shop below including strictly limited vinyl editions of ‘Indiscreet Mirror’ &  ‘The Safety Machine’

Previous 2 CDRs are now sold out but are still of course available as downloads and will hopefully will see a re-release in the future.



My new album ‘Indiscreet Mirror’ will be released on Smeraldina Rima on October 4th 2013 on limited vinyl and Download. The album features Gavan Kearney AKA Sand Snowman on bass on ‘Trickster’, Gareth Jones bass and ARP Odyssey on ‘Pluckley Follies’ and Steve Dowle plays drums on ‘Syd the Shell’ and ‘Pluckley Follies’ . Thanks to them for all their contributions. The album features the dan tranh (17 string Vietnamese zither, ) Shennai pipe, mandolin and 12 string guitar, Novation bass station, hand percussion, Casio SK1, Tibetan hand chimes and field recordings from the UK, Italy and Vietnam. The album is mastered by Mark Beazley @ Trace. Thanks to Mark!

There will be a tour to support the record and please see details below launching with the record launch on October 4th at Cafe Oto.

04/10 Cafe Oto London Smeraldina Rima Records night

12/10 Luna Lounge London with Simon Breed & Sam Astley

27/10 Jazzhouse Copenhagen with  So Like Dorian & Jo Quail

29/10 TBC Aarhus w So Like Dorian and TBC

30/10 Fanø venue TBC w So Like Dorian

30/10 Maidstone Stepping Stone Studios w So Like Dorian and TBC

31/10 Folkestone Bar Down below w / So Like Dorian and TBC

01/11 Knaresborough UK  venue TBC with  So Like Dorian & Tidswell Noise Collective & TBC

02/11 Mark 2, Hackney London with  So Like Dorian , Mark Wagner & Berain

16.07.13 Show in Copenhagen

I’ll be back in Copenhagen this weekend for an all day event with some fantastic musicians:






17.06.13 New project Douglas Firs 

I’m delighted to announce a new musical collaboration with Mark Beazley called Douglas Firs.  Mark  founded the group Rothko in early 1997, and has since released a range of material, both collaborative and solo in nature. Mark also mastered my last record ‘The Safety Machine’ and did a wonderful job! You can read more about him and his work over at

08.06.13 Releases

I still have some copies of ‘The Safety Machine’ on double vinyl. You can also purchase all three of my records on the bandcamp page clicking below:

01.02. 13 Serbia/ Hungary tour 

I’m excited to announce an upcoming tour of Serbia and Hungary. I’ll be performing alongside WoO of Serbia and So Like Dorian of Denmark.  The genesis of the tour began after discussions at the uniquely magical Fanø free folk festival last summer.

For the first ImprovE2.2 night on the 15th in Belgrade we will be joined by Milana Zaric (harp, percussion) Dusan Damnjanovic (percussion) Jamal Al Kiswani (sax) Izvanredni Bob (visuals). You can read more about the event here.  This is to be followed by other shows in Serbia and Hungary before coming back to Belgrade.  Thanks so much for WoO for all his amazing work putting this tour together.


February 2012

15/2 – Drugstore, Belgrade (ImprovE2.2)
16/2 – Cafe Grunf, Subotica
17/2 – Akvarium, Budapest
19/2 – CK 13, Novi Sad
20/2 – KC Grad, Belgrade